A Minimalist, Low Waste Way to Decorate for Fall

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Seasonal decorating is something I’ve only just recently gotten into. As someone who has more of a minimalist decor going on in their home, I used to consider seasonal decorating wasteful and unnecessary. As I’ve gotten a little older and really established my home I’ve completely changed my mindset.

Seasonal decorating is a great way to change up your space, prevent you from getting bored, and make your house feel more homely.

The Problem with Seasonal Decorating

So can you still consider yourself a minimalist if you decorate for seasons like the fall? Do you consider yourself a minimalist but now that fall is coming up feel like you want to celebrate it?

I’ve found a lot of unnecessary controversy within the minimalist community when it comes to this topic, although it seems to be getting a little better as I find more and more people becoming accepting of the variant degrees in which people can enjoy minimalism. Here’s the thing — you are simplifying your home to bring you the most joy. If seasonal decorating makes you happy, you go right ahead and do it!

My primary concern with seasonal decorating comes with two things: wastefulness and consumerism. Here are some ways to decorate for the upcoming fall while still staying true to your minimalist and simple decor lifestyle:

Start by Using What You Already Have

This season I did a quick Youtube search for fall decoration inspiration. Oh boy, so many great ideas! Yet as I was going through these videos one thing stuck out to me — a lot of the people I was watching did hauls on their decorations. Most of them started their videos by going out to stores like Hobby Lobby, Target, or Home Goods to fill up a shopping cart with plastic pumpkins, fall leaves, and $20 apple cider candles.

Not only can this waste your money, it isn’t necessary.

Start by browsing for inspiration and then take the time to think about recreating some of the decorative ideas you’ve collected with what you already have. For fall, do you already have any flowers, pillows, towels, or candles that can be combined to give you a head start? That’s one less thing to buy. Put away anything that doesn’t represent this fall season to you and bring out anything you might already have that fits.

If you haven’t already, purchase storage bins to keep your seasonal decor in during off-seasons. As you go through the year, keep tailoring these bins with decorations to reuse every year. While decorating, keep in mind that everything you use will be kept. So make sure each piece is quality and something you love enough to use every year.

Consider Low Waste Materials

In my browsing for inspiration, I couldn’t help but notice how much plastic went into what people were purchasing for their decorations. Plastic pumpkins, plastic leaves and flowers, plastic everything! Try to stay away from plastic, because even if you use it each year it’s eventually going into a landfill.

Once you’ve used what you already have and are ready to buy, try to become more conscious of what you’re actually purchasing and consider these alternative materials. They tend to last a long time, don’t look cheap, suit the theme of fall decorating very well, and when you’re ready to throw them away they don’t make as big of an impact on the environment.

  • Felt and cotton
  • Paper
  • Twine
  • Burlap
  • Wood
  • Glass

Bring Nature Indoors

One of my favorite parts of minimalist fall decorating is that you can easily bring the nature of fall into your home. The best part: it’s free! Gather pinecones, leaves, and twigs from your local park. Maybe you’re lucky enough to gather these from your own backyard.

Rather than buying plastic pumpkins, consider picking up pumpkins from your local market. The tiny pumpkins and gourds last all season especially well without going bad.

If you’re into natural colors, these items all come ready to go. If you like to decorate with a specific theme like white, silver, light blue, etc. you can easily spray paint these to match.

Here are some decorating ideas for these items:

  • Pinecones can be placed on tables, mantles, and into decorating trays
  • Dried leaves can be placed as-is to decorate, or you can create garlands out of them by gently weaving string through them with a thin sewing needle. Spray them with clear coat of paint or modge podge to use them each year with less risk of them falling apart as easily.
  • Little twigs (with or without tried leaves still on them) can be used to fill vases and give out a great fall vibe
  • Acorns can fill vases and bowls

Support Small Businesses

If you don’t consider yourself the crafty type, don’t live somewhere you can bring fall indoors, or simply would rather purchase your decorations please consider supporting small businesses before driving to your local hobby store.

Etsy is a great place to find fall decorations others have put their love and craftiness into. Here are links to some of my favorite handmade fall decorations. You can also use these as inspiration for your own projects!

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