Why You Should Simplify Your Life

simplify, minimalist, busy, stress

Society today glorifies being busy. We are encouraged to work overtime. Go to that once-in-a-lifetime concert. Grab that $7 cup of coffee on the way to work, because there’s no time to brew your own. Stream the entire season of that new Netflix show, before everyone’s seen it before you. Text and message between one spot and the next, because who has time to call these days? And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you’re just not planning your time wisely. You should probably just go get a massage to forget about everything for an hour.

You might be thinking, “Yeah, but this works for me. As long as I simplify how much STUFF I have at home, everything else will fall into place. I’ll take a little vacation and everything will be fine again.” Maybe you’ve been there. I’ve been there. The reality is — your home is a reflection of you. If you want to simplify your space, there may be other ways you can simplify your life in addition to this that will enhance your life.

But why?

1. More Time to Do What You Love

This might be why a lot of people start this journey to begin with. Having less and doing less will naturally follow with less stress and worry. What a lot of people don’t realize is that there is an adjustment period. You might find yourself sitting in the middle of your living room, admiring the change you’ve brought into your life, suddenly realizing you have extra time.

You might not even know what to do with yourself!

Getting dressed took you mere minutes, because you have less clothing to decide on and everything you have in your closet is something you love. There’s no more clutter to clean, and maybe you made your meal quickly because your kitchen is clean and organized. You saved money by cooking your own meal. Now what?

Take this time to explore new or old hobbies. For me personally, this took time. I spent so much of my time cleaning, organizing, and finally simplifying that when I crossed the finish line I realized I had time to do whatever I pleased. If you’re struggling to find something to do, check out my post on exploring new hobbies. Enjoy your time!

2. Less Stress and Worry

Living simply is a choice that comes with less stress and worry. You will be able to find things easily because everything has a home and there’s nothing around that you don’t use or doesn’t mean anything to you. You’re taking care of yourself. Everything you do is now more meaningful. You’ll have less economic stress because you’re not spending money on frivolous shopping, eating out all the time, or maybe you’ve even simplified your transportation means. There are no more ups and downs impacting your bank account. You might even be able to start start paying off loans, debt, or saving money for retirement and emergencies. The economic impact of simplifying is a huge weight off of a lot of people’s shoulders and a clean, organized home is much less stressful to come home to after a long day of work. You might have picked up meditation or the simple act of doing nothing for a while every day. In our fast paced world, it’s so necessary for these small things to add up and give you peace of mind throughout your day.

3. More Quality Time with Loved Ones

You’ll find yourself having more time to spend with people who matter most to you. Maybe cooking your own food every day instead of eating out has allowed you to cook and spend quality time with a loved one in the kitchen while making a meal. Maybe you have picked up playing board games with your family every Friday night. Maybe instead of going out to the mall to shop with a friend, you’ve exchanged it with the tradition of going out to the local farmer’s market every Sunday to spend the day supporting local businesses.

Maybe you’ll find yourself sitting on your couch with some time, so you decide to call up someone who means a lot to you who you “haven’t had time” to catch up with. Not having time for people who you can about seems to be a common link between a lot of us these days. Use your free time wisely. Don’t forget that we are all on this earth temporarily. Who would you regret not having spent more time with?

Recharge your heart and soul — spend time with loved ones now.

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